What happens if you don’t fix your leaking balcony? You should never put off fixing a leaking balcony. The leak can cause substantial harm to not just the balcony’s structure but also the surrounding areas of your home. 

Seepage caused by balcony leaks causes degradation and corrosion. The leak can readily spread to other regions of your home, causing external walls to patch and deteriorate. Over time, you may notice that the paint on your walls or ceiling chips or discolors.

Furthermore, leaks might cause harm to your home’s electrical system. Which can be very hazardous, leading to power outages or damaging charges. Let’s assume your living room is beneath the balcony. The leak has reached the substructure and is now affecting the electrical wiring of your lights.

Finally, if water gets into your exterior walls or the space beneath your balcony, the entire structure might collapse. Delaying repairs to leaky balconies may be exceedingly dangerous as well as costly.

How do you know if your balcony is leaking?

  • The timber frame is buckling or bowing.
  • Tiles are falling off the walls.
  • Puddles of water on your valuable balcony.
  • Seals and grout that are cracked or missing.
  • Walls with cracks.
  • A balcony that is crumbling.

What causes balconies to leak?

Before you can fix the balcony leak, the first thing you should do is conduct a thorough inspection and assessment to identify the issues in your balcony. Pouring water over the tiles and noticing some leakage indicates that the membrane has been breached/failed, allowing water seepage.

Some other causes to keep an eye out for are as follows:

  • Lack of or poor drainage or correct falls to drainage.
  • Tile breakage and movement allow penetration of water
  • Deteriorated and porous grout
  • Perimeter seals not applied or have deteriorated.
  •  Rainwater causing pooling and breakdown of membranes
  •  Natural building movement causes cracks that allow water to penetrate under tiles.
  • Doorway and balustrading problems

What should you do if you have a leaking balcony?

you are left with two options when it comes to fixing your leaking balcony,

  1. Make the balcony surface water-repellent – Apply Shower Plug sealant to the balcony surface to make it water-resistant, thereby repairing the leak.
  2. Hire a tradesman to repair the structural problem – If the balcony has structural concerns, a qualified tradesperson should be consulted. A professional tradesman can also be hired to replace the tiled surface and waterproofing membrane.

Seek expert help on your leaking balcony

Many individuals start with a DIY balcony leak repair when they spot a leak in their balconies. If you know what you’re doing and have sufficient knowledge to tackle the problem, this may be all you need. 

It is vital to note that water infiltration anywhere within the balcony can cause structural issues that can be costly to repair. The longer it goes on, the worse the problem grows.

Therefore the most effective method for fixing a leaking balcony. Is to have a certified and expert waterproofer analyze the cause of the balcony leak.

Since each balcony is unique, the causes of leakage may differ. Balconies are frequently exposed to inclement weather. Temperature changes or structure settlement may cause some movement. As a result, each balcony evaluation is unique.

Licensed experts are familiar with and comprehend building procedures as well as Australian Building Codes. As a result, the source of the balcony leak may be identified by professionals. An expert specialist can test for leaks and determine the weakest place on your balcony for water entry. They will evaluate the whole balcony and provide advice on any other potential issues such as drainage and overflows.

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