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The importance of Colour Sealing Grout

Grout requires sealing with a coloured epoxy sealant. Sealants provide a layer of protection from daily wear and tear, and discolouration due to staining, and also protect against other contaminants.

The sealant layer protects the grout from chemical attacks and deterioration. Chemicals can easily seep into the tile and cause colour changes that can give the tiled surface an unclean look. Sealants are a great way of keeping bacteria at bay, as grout can trap moisture and debris that can easily promote bacterial growth.

If you want to maintain the look of the tile and keep your grout cleaner for longer, we highly recommend sealing your grout lines with a grout sealer that matches your tiles.

An Innovative And Efficient System

grout color sealing Tile cleaning

Tile cleaning will not only safeguard your stone flooring investment but will also improve the appearance of your floor. Your tile and stone flooring can look brand new and stain-free by removing the dirt and grime accumulation.

We follow a thorough system that mixes innovative techniques that work well with cleaning products to provide our customers with a stellar final product. We use the newest tech and equipment in the market to ensure our services are performed at the highest quality and that our procedures are safe.

Our step by step approach ensures that your tile cleaning problems are tackled with great care for each problem, resulting in clean tiles that are resistant to contamination and will last longer.

Grout color sealing Tile cleaning

Tile & Grout Color Sealing

Groute Maintenance
Grout maintenance

Grout is usually lime-based and porous causing it to absorb moisture, oils, and sugars which result in bacterial growth that discolours the grout making it look dirty. Similar to the tiles after a clean up sealing the grouting will protect it for a longer time.

If you want your grout lines to remain clean and not get discoloured, sealing is your best option. That’s where Dynamic Klean and Care comes in, we will make sure your grout lines look spotless.

We Are Experts At Cleaning And Restoring The Following Tiles

Tiles are popular in almost all homes and commercial spaces, however, the problem of keeping tiles clean is now a growing problem. That’s where we come in! We are experts in all things tile maintenance-related.
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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Are your ceramic tiles looking dirty and in need of a thorough cleanse? Dynamic Tile and Grout Care has got you covered, our expert technicians will have your ceramic surface looking brand new in no time.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Porcelain is a commonly used tile in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Allow our team of experts to restore the original lustre of your porcelain tiles with our world-class chemicals and equipment.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Are your marble tiles looking dull? Dynamic Tile and Grout Care is here to help. We have the expertise required to clean and restore the original lustre and appeal of your marble floor.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

We offer the best services for limestone cleaning and maintenance. From grout cleaning to stripping and sealing we have a solution for any limestone problem.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Granite is a long-lasting natural tile that is commonly used for kitchen tops and bathrooms. It require specialized cleaning, and we have the expertise to handle that.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

A commonly used outdoor tile that is easy to clean with generic chemicals and materials, however, requires an expert touch to remove old coatings and wax.



Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

We use specialized industry tools and heavy-duty cleaning chemicals for the thorough cleaning of concrete surfaces.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Get your terracotta floors cleaned with high-quality safe chemicals and equipment operated by our skilled technicians.

Stone Grinding


Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Bluestone tiles can easily look tired and unappealing, allow our team to do a full restoration clean to bring your tiles back to life.

Stone grinding


Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Donnybrook stone is durable and versatile and requires maintenance. We offer the best professional help for cleaning, stripping, sealing, and restoration of Donnybrook stones.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

We are experts when it comes to all things Sandstone. Dynamic Klean and Care handles everything from cleaning to stripping to restoring your sandstone.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Terrazzo is a composite material that is famous for its unique look. We at Dynamic Klean and care can help you with all your Terrazzo tile maintenance needs.

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Timber Floor

Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Wooden floors can easily be restored by polishing, resealing or rebuffing and Dynamic Tile and Grout Care offers the best maintenance for wooden floors.

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Vinyl & Lino

Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

A synthetic flooring material that needs to be maintained properly from the beginning. Dynamic Tile and Grout Care has all the tools needed to bring a shine back to your vinyl floor.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Get all your Travertine tile cleaning, grout cleaning, sealing, and resealing solutions in one place. Dynamic Tile and Grout Care are experts in Travertine tile maintenance and can deliver a satisfying result efficiently.

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Dynamic Tile and Grout Care

Dynamic Tile and Grout Care offers professional quality quarry tile cleaning and restoration for all living spaces.

Professional Grout Color Cleaning Solutions

Grout color cleaning

We extend our services to all types of living spaces, be it a domestic household or a more commercial setting like an office, we also take on hospitals and hotels. Our team is well trained and has all the necessary skills required for tile and grout cleaning.

We use premium quality cleaning products and equipment that is up-to-date. We make sure the chemicals we use are not harmful to the residents and our technicians, safety first at all times.

Make your bookings via our website or our smartphone app. Set up your cleaning appointment according to your requirements and we will handle the rest.

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