Homeowners with busy schedules have a lot on their plates. It’s easy to disregard damaged floor tiles when it first appears. You can always deal with it when you have more time and money, right? However, this is not what you should do regarding a broken floor tile.

Since, a crack, chip, or dent in your tiling can quickly detract from the rest of your area. Not to mention the numerous additional reasons why you should repair or replace the damaged region as soon as possible. Although replacing the damaged floor tiles may take time for most homeowners, our skilled professional tile repair team provides homeowners in Melbourne, with tile repair services that will make their tiling seem as good as new. 

How do you know when tile repair is necessary?

There are several indications that Melbourne residents can look closely at to find out if tile repair is required. If the tile has been damaged, it may need to be repaired.

  • Hairline cracks in the tile that run all the way through
  • Pitting and tile chips 
  • The grout around the tile is cracked.

Homeowners should know that it is critical to repair the tile as soon as they identify any of these issues. We at dynamic tile and grout care always recommend getting your tiles repaired as quickly as possible, regardless of how damaged, to avoid worsening the condition in the long run.

What Causes the tile to crack?

When tiles are correctly installed in homes or commercial spaces, they provide a robust, long-lasting, and practical option for floors and walls throughout the house. This is not to suggest that they are perfect. Your tiles may have shattered owing to a number of circumstances in rare situations.

Cracked tiles at your home or commercial spaces are frequently the consequence of various underlying concerns, most of which are caused by improper installation of tiles. 

Let us look further at some of the most prevalent causes of cracked or damaged floor tiles in Melbourne homes,

  • Hard impacts
  • Bearing too much weight
  • Cracked substrate
  • Tiling over control joints
  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Unsuitable or low-quality tiles

What can you do to fix damaged floor tiles?

Now that you are aware of when it’s necessary to repair the damaged floor tiles and the causes for tiles to crack, let’s look at how to fix them. In most circumstances, broken or damaged floor tiles in your homes or commercial spaces may be repaired without the need for a comprehensive renovation.

With slight hairline cracks, an epoxy filler can be used to fix the tile surface. First, clean the area with a tile cleaning solution, then dry the area and fill the crack with clear epoxy, and level the surface so that it is flat with the surrounding tile. Finally, paint over the tile with a matching color.

However, for larger and more apparent cracks the tile must be removed and replaced. First, use a scraper tool to remove the grout surrounding the broken tile so that the neighboring tiles are not harmed during the tile removal. After the grout has been entirely removed, place an old towel over the cracked tile and bash it in the center with a hammer. This will lessen the load on the floor and allow you to rapidly remove the shards. The residual fragments and glue can be removed with a chisel.

After the debris has been removed, the glue may be applied to the new tile, which should be positioned in the gap so that it is flush with the existing tiles. Finally, once the glue has dried, the grout may be poured around the new tile.

Why it’s important to repair the damaged tile as soon as possible?

Broken, chipped, or cracked tiles are not only unattractive, but they also constitute a safety issue. For example, a toddler running around in bare feet or a pet may be injured if they step on a damaged floor tile.

Furthermore, while tiles are impervious, when they break, water can enter through the gaps and cause damage to your subflooring. Repairing this damage can be time-consuming and expensive. The best approach is to replace or repair broken tiles as soon as possible.

When it comes to broken or damaged floor tiles, there are several other reasons why you should get it repaired as soon as possible:

  • The Damage Will Spread

When one tile breaks loose, the adjacent tiles become vulnerable to debris and sloughed grout particles moving beneath them. The entire floor can then fall like dominoes in a row.

Generally, the longer homeowners ignore the issue, the worse it becomes. Most surfaces, whether on your floor, backsplash, or in the shower, are susceptible to constant pressure from people walking or resting furniture. If left ignored, a minor fracture might grow into a large crack or injure the surrounding areas.

  • Repairing it now will save you money

If a stitch in time saves nine, therefore spending money to fix one tile at the initial stage may save homeowners in Melbourne money on replacing nine more down the line. This is because the expense of having our professional tile repair team fix your floor today is cheaper than the cost of allowing the problem to persist.

Why should you hire a professional tile repair service in Melbourne rather than DIY?

Fixing a broken/damaged tile isn’t the most difficult DIY repair for residents in Melbourne, especially with the guidelines provided by us in the article. However, there is a lot that may go wrong throughout the tile installation process. 

A professional tile repair specialist has the necessary tools, years of experience, and abilities to replace the damaged part with a new one. You won’t even be able to know there was ever a problem! Attempting to replace the tile by homeowners themselves may exacerbate the situation. Among the most typical DIY blunders are:

  • Tiles cracking when being trimmed to size
  • Caulking and grout lines that are a mess
  • Inadequate underlayment
  • Tiles that are crooked or have uneven spacing

We at dynamic tile and grout care are here to assist you if you do not feel secure in carrying out this activity by yourself. We have professionals who are highly skilled in tile repairs in Melbourne to assist you with any tile repair needs you may have, or whether your bathroom shower needs new tiling, your kitchen backsplash needs a makeover, or you’re building new tile floors.

Let our professional tile repair team get the job done for you, Call Dynamic Tile and Grout Care on 1300 11 99 76 to request a FREE quote today!


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